Township Services

Tri-Town Sno Travellors & Club Echo

Welcome to Elk Lake!
We are proudly part of the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Sno Travellers (formerly the three separate clubs, Tri-Town Sno Travellers, Club Echo, and the Elk Lake Trail Blazers). We’ll likely shorten that down to the T&NO.  We truthfully boast some of the best trails in the province with a mix of straight flat trails, incredible sweeping curves, scenic lookouts, and probably some wildlife.  The support of great local businesses heightens the riding experience. 

The T&NO volunteer members work hard each year to bring you an incredible winter experience. We promote volunteering and a sense of community. A perfect fit in Elk Lake. 

Our new logo incorporates a rich sense of history of the area. The first train came to Elk Lake on February 4th, 1913 which was made possible by the beautiful train bridge just east of Elk Lake in Tudhope Township. We have incorporated the bridge, a steam train and of course a snowmobile to showcase the areas rich heritage.

As our logo reads: Come Ride With Us!