Township Services

Fire Services

The Elk Lake Fire Department has 2 Fire Fire Truck pumpers available for all call outs within the Township of James boundaries.  We also give Mutual Aid services to Kenabeek, Matachewan and Earlton, although 1 truck must remain within the Township boundaries.

There is also a large rescue trailer outfitted with hydraulic powered extrication equipment, S.C.B.A units, ropes, slings, chains, tools and First Aid Equipment.

In our hall we also have a small off road rescue trailer completely outfitted with First Aid supplies, an AED/CPR Defibrillator, and full Trauma kit for Medical Aid calls and First All. 

The Fire Department has a complement of 18 active members ranging in age from 20 years old to  65 years old with over 250 years of accumulated experience.

(Legend has it that the Elk Lake Fire Department is capable of leaping tall buildings buildings in a single bound and  has been "Saving Lots Since 1909")

Burning Permits