Hello !

The guestbook had to be reinstall, loosing all the previous post. Sorry about that. Please feel free to add some post.

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  1. Les Ball says:

    just looking at your web site, brings back good memmories I worked in Elk Lake back in 1987 & 1988 with the MNR at the fire base. If any body remembers me feel free to email me at lgwine@hotmail.com Thank You , Les Ball

  2. Jennifer Smith says:

    hey All, going to see you all soon. Be nice to be home! Get to see mom and dad after 18 loooong months!

  3. vicki (oliver) grummett says:

    Does anybody in elk lake remember the oliver’s who lived there, David and Sarah oliver, sherman oliver, olive oliver, beryl oliver, and gordon oliver. This was back in the 1920′s 30′s 40′s and early 50′s. I would appreciate any information you have about them.

  4. Vicki Leclair says:

    Hi, my grandparents, Roger and Irene Leclair owned a hotel in town when I was a little girl. In the 1960s and 70s. I have been looking for pictures and information about the hotel. I remember visiting them every summer until my grandmother passed away in ’73 or ’74. I anyone has information or pictures I would love to see them.

  5. Randy Sutherland says:

    My mother was Connie Sutherland nee Miskimins. My grandparents were Stewart and Violet Miskimins. They lived in Elk Lake for many years and ran a restuarant there in the early 1900′s. My aunt Eunice Miskimins was buried in the old cemetary. Can anybody give me directions to it? Also are there any planned Elk Lake reunions>


  6. Randy Sutherland says:

    My mother’s family (Miskimins and McSorley) were from Elk Lake and I plan to visit first week of July 2013 to go to old gravesite to pay my respects and also to see the town again

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